Brennon’s TACP Poem from Sere

Brennon shared his poem and I just had to write it down.  I thought he did an amazing job!

What is wet?
What is cold?
There is a lesson to be told.
Travel all day.
Sleep at night.
Now that I’m under my poncho something ain’t right.

Drop, drop, drop on my head.
Quickest thing that will make you dead.
5 minutes in I start to shiver.
The type that makes your asshole quiver.
I’m not sure if I’m going to die.
This might be my last goodbye.

But then I remember I’m a TACP.
Why worry?  I shouldn’t be!
I grab my radio from my ruck.
I grab my nuts and begin to tuck.
I try to decide which bomb.
Something with heat… yup napalm.
As I happily look up the ground is red.
I did my job, some other MFer is dead.

The original text…