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New Year… New hobby lol!

Since we had been in the house so much with the bad weather lately we both decided we wanted to get out. We went down to Paris landing to enjoy the beautiful day… Finally! While there we stumbled into looking for pearls in muscles. We may never find any but we still had a big time lol!

Christmas morning with the kids -1.

We had an awesome Christmas morning with all of the kids. Unfortunately Brennon was pretty bad sick and couldn’t drive home from Grandma and Grandpa Hamm’s house. We just met them later that afternoon.

Look at my beautiful future wife!
Jesse was excited with all his gifts.
BJ actually let us take a few pictures today lol!
Des was so surprised with the iPad gift. We knew she would be pumped!
Shay was super excited about her vanity. Her smile lit up the room almost as much as it did lol!
Thank you Adam for taking an awesome family picture!